MEDIAEDGE has announced the launch of a new high-speed box camera, QDCAM, which it says makes it possible for customers to configure high-speed camera systems at an affordable price.


MEDIAEDGE: QDCAM aims to bring high-speed shooting within reach of more users

Ongoing advances in production and related technologies mean there is a growing demand for high-speed capture of sports, analysis of sports movements and highlights, and slow-motion shooting at multiple angles. Acknowledging the high prices that can be encountered in this area of the market, MEDIAEDGE has developed a low-cost system designed to bring the benefits of high-speed cameras to a wider audience. 

Features of the new QDCAM system include: high-speed shooting of 1920x1080/239.8p, 200p; high-resolution shooting of 4096×2160/24p, 3840×2160/60p,50p; micro four-thirds lens mount; global shutter CMOS image sensor; a new synchronisation system; fan-less quiet camera design; and optical transmission option using SMPTE opt-camera cable. 

Suitable for use as a 4x high-speed camera as well as a 4K camera, the QDCAM can be deployed with high-quality lenses with various focal lengths. Remote control of iris, focus and zoom is possible. The use of the global shutter means there is no distortion of the rolling shutter, while the inclusion of patent-pending technology for synchronising the exposure timing of multiple cameras makes it suitable for use as a multi-angle viewing or sports judgement system. 

MEDIAEDGE has also introduced QDVS, which is a low-cost recording/playback switching slow server developed in-house. QDVS can playback slow-motion video and transfer recorded files.