The ArrowX 1 is the new entry-level addition to Miller’s ArrowX range of fluid heads, designed for lower weight camcorders (with a payload of up to 16kg). 


Miller: The new ArrowX 1entry-level fluid head with quick-set counterbalance

It also offers 5+0 positions of pan and tilt drag and 16 positions of counterbalance with CB Plus - Miller’s sequential counterbalance design.

CB Plus is claimed to take traditional counterbalancing forward, for a more repeatable, accurate and rapid setup. 16 CB Plus features eight large counterbalance steps, allowing the user to get to their needed position quickly and efficiently, then the CB Plus switch adds half steps, enabling counterbalance refinement. This new feature makes the ArrowX series useful for ENG, EFP, studio, field OB or other uses where frequent and fast re-rigging is required.

“We believe this fluid head is the perfect solution for the medium size, large sensor cameras employing smaller lenses,” said Charles Montesin, global director of sales and marketing, Miller Camera Support Equipment. CB Plus “enables our customers to rig and re-rig setups quickly and efficiently. As a result, they can make concise and exact changes on the fly, and quickly get on with the main task of shooting. Another major benefit of ArrowX 1 is the price being some 20% below ArrowX 3.”

The ArrowX series delivers several additional features to provide the “right feel”, such as the ability to remove the clamp stud to easily mount the head on flat base surfaces such as sliders. Where extra rigidity is required, a Mitchel Base adaptor can be fitted. All ArrowX models come with 120mm sliding plate travel to help quickly re-balance changing camera payloads. Precision ball bearing supported pan-tilt movements help deliver smoother starts and soft stop fluid actions. Precise floating pan-tilt calliper locks ensure bounce-free on/off locking.

The ArrowX 3 has a payload range of 1-17kg, while the ArrowX 5 carries 1-19kg and has 7+0 pan and tilt drag positions, and the largest ArrowX 7 caters for payloads of 6-26kg.