Real-time camera tracking and remote systems company Mo-Sys Engineering and Panasonic have announced a significant collaboration.

Mo-Sys-2 Grayscale-Panasonic_AW-UE150_hero

Mo-Sys: The pairing allows greater creativity with a PTZ

In what had originally been planned as an April announcement, the integration sees the latter’s AW-UE150 camera and the Mo-Sys StarTracker module pairing to provide AR and virtual studio graphics with natural depth and a changed perspective of the virtual background.

When combined with the Mo-Sys StarTracker, the new Panasonic AW-UE150 – a 4K, wide-angle lens, PTZ head with absolute camera tracking for AR and virtual studio applications –allows a venue or event to no longer be restricted to a fixed camera position. Productions can be more creative using the PTZ head on a jib, crane or a dolly for unlimited camera motion. The pairing is supported by all render engines.

The companies produced a ‘LiveLab’ Webinar in early May on the collaboration, which is still available via the Mo-Sys website.

Michael Geissler, Mo-Sys CEO, said: “Although disappointed that we could not launch at NAB, this webinar is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate this innovative collaboration, helping a wide range of customers generate immersive and engaging content for AR and virtual studio applications.”