IQ Video Solutions has been launched by Mobile Viewpoint with the aim of delivering on the emerging trend of AI being utilised in the broadcast production market.

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Mobile Viewpoint: The XCAM camera will become part of the IQ Video Solutions offering

Mobile Viewpoint has been developing AI solutions in parallel with its traditional broadcast solutions, but believe the optimum method of developing, promoting and supporting the AI solutions is to give its own identity.

Michel Bais, managing director at Mobile Viewpoint, said: “AI is so much more than a buzzword. At Mobile Viewpoint we are now delivering on two major AI platforms for use in both sports production and camera automation. It makes sense to separate them from our key encoder products that we are absolutely committed to and will continue to innovate.”

AI solutions are starting to be adopted by many broadcast, TV production companies and media rights holders to enable productions that were previously cost prohibitive by using technology as a replacement for personnel. Recent emerging AI products in sports production have focused on web-streaming, whereas Mobile Viewpoint has taken a different trajectory.

Bais explained: “Our traditional broadcast customers are very strict on service levels when it comes to issues such as dropped frames, error correction, reliability and latency. We have taken this heritage and applied it to our AI technology, and so this technology is not only aimed at web-streaming platforms where quality is sometimes comprised because of perceived cost savings but to our broadcast customers too. We have developed our AI to be for those who want a highly professional production and to playout to regular broadcast channels as well as online platforms.”

Mobile Viewpoint has developed the XCAM, a broadcast-quality panoramic camera in high resolution with a high 60fps frame rate. AI can then create virtual cut-outs of the panoramic image in high definition that can automatically follow the action without any moving cameras or camera personnel. The XCAM will become a part of the IQ Video Solutions branding.