New, easy-to-use Live Streaming Kits are now available from MuxLab. The kits allow users to stream audio and video content from any location to unlimited viewers across the globe in minutes. 


Muxlab: The kits are designed to get users up and running in minutes

They work with streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, Wowza and many more, as well as audio/video content production software such as OBS, Wirecast and others.

“MuxLab took great strides to develop streaming kits during a time when the world is faced with new challenges to find ways to connect with their followers and members, and communicate and share their message in the wake of the recent pandemic,” said Joe Teixeira, director of product development at MuxLab. “We are so excited to share our kits with the world and to help ease the way people reach out during this difficult time and beyond.”

The kits include an HDMI camera, wireless mic and transmitter/streamer among the other parts necessary to get people up and running in minutes. It includes an intuitive Streaming App to greatly simplify the management of the solution and enhance the user experience. The Ethernet switch needed to use the system can be purchased from MuxLab or elsewhere.

“With a complete solution in one box we’ve eased the process of getting the average person set up to live stream without the hassle of shopping around for compatible needed elements,” said Daniel Assaraf, president of MuxLab. “Our solutions are designed to get users up and running in no time.”

The Single Camera Live Streaming Solution is now available for shipping and will soon be followed by the Multi Camera-Live Streaming Solution.