German codec and media processing specialist Nablet has licensed its XAVC encoder to Telestream.


Nablet: The new v2 SDK supports all XAVC profiles

The Nablet XAVC codec is claimed to offer high quality and performance, such as approximately 20% faster long GoP encoding, or up to 30% less CPU usage for the same profiles as some of its competitors. It supports all XAVC profiles, including HD and 4K Intra only and LongG. The latest v2 SDK for Windows, macOS and Linux features enhanced XAVC encoding and numerous performance optimisations, especially for multi-core processors

“We are proud that such a renowned company as Telestream has licensed our XAVC encoder,” said Sven Dueking, SVP of engineering, Nablet. “They offer enterprise-grade transcoding and workflow systems where only the best components will do. We are happy that Nablet technology meets their high standards. XAVC is a very strategic codec for us, and we keep optimising it.”

“We always look for best-of-breed codecs to incorporate into our Vantage media processing platform and the Nablet XAVC codec meets that criteria,” added Mark Wronski, SVP of the Telestream Business Unit.

Nablet offers a full suite of XAVC components, including smart rendering for ultra-fast stitching, Avid AMA plug-ins, and analytics at the container and essence level. It offers a wide variety of codecs and related component SDKs that are used by many broadcast vendors. It also provides Sony format plug-ins for Avid Media Access, and the Arriraw AMA plug-in. Clients include Sony, Intel, IBM, Rohde & Schwarz, ARTE, Vizrt and Syncbak.