The new NanLite Forza 200 is the latest addition to its Forza series of LED monolights. 


Nanlite: The new Forza 200 daylight-balanced monolight

The relatively compact 200W daylight-balanced fixture sits between the small 60W Forza 60 (and the new 60B bi-colour unit) and the larger 300W Forza 300.

The $699 Forza 200 comes with a Bowens’ mount, so it can take a wide range of accessories, such as soft boxes, lanterns, Fresnels, or other modifiers. It also has an umbrella holder.

It has a TLCI score of 97, at 5600K, with dimming ranging from 1-100%. It has a claimed output of 37,540 lux at 1m with the standard reflector (or 126,413 lux with a 10° Fresnel spot fitted). The 1.78kg lamp can be positioned at any angle using the 360º yoke.

There is a choice of power options, including 26v or 14.8v V-mount adapters or an AC (mains) input. When run off the 14.8v battery its maximum output is reduced to 60% (120W). The 2.26kg power unit has a reduced footprint and no need for fan cooling. As the fan fitted to the lamp head can be switched off, the fixture can be run silently if necessary. The power unit can be clamped to the light stand or stand on the ground and houses all controls and inputs, including DMX control. It has built-in WiFi and can be controlled wirelessly via 2.4GHz using a dedicated controller or via a phone app.

There are 11 built-in practical effects, namely: INT loop; flash; pulse; storm; TV; paparazzi; candle/fire; bad bulb; fireworks; explosion; and welding

NanLite has also introduced a new accessory for the Forza 60 (or 60B), the PJ-FZ60 19º and 36º projector attachment, for gobos or other projections.