New from Nanlite is a compact, lightweight 200W LED light that doesn’t require a ballast to work: the FS-200.


Nanlite: New FS-200 light

Described as ‘ultra bright but evenly soft’ it has a colour temperature of 5600K with a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 98. It also has 11 built-in practical effects, including flash, pulse, explosion and storm.

The FS-200 features intuitive on-board controls and can be wirelessly controlled via 2.4G remote controller, while a built-in USB port allows for future firmware updates. A fan at the bottom of the light keeps it running cool for consistent use.

In front of the light there is a standard Bowens mount with umbrella holder, making the FS-200 compatible with a wide selection of light modifiers, such as Fresnels, softbox, umbrella and more.

According to Nanlite, the result is a compact fixture with simple controls and advanced functions that offers more convenience for all types of production.