NanLite has introduced two new LED lights: the 6W PavoTube II 6C, a versatile handheld battery-powered RGBWW fixture; and the 60W Forza 60B bi-colour monolight-style unit.


NanLite: The small new PavoTube II 6C comes in thousands of colours

The small PavoTube II 6C is the new entry-level light for the PavoTube range, coming in at just $99. Its colour temperature ranges from 2700-7500K (with green and magenta adjustment in CCT mode), while it also has full control of hue and saturation in HSI mode, with access to 36,000 different colours. The 25cm-high fixture has a Television Lighting Consistency Index rating of 97.

It weighs 272g, including a built-in 3.7v/2200mA battery (charged via a USB type-C port), which is claimed to last 65 minutes at 100% brightness. An additional battery-pack handle can also be fitted for longer run times.

It has magnets (and 1/4-20in mounts) at each end, so that it can be easily fixed anywhere or attached to other lights – it even comes with three small metal plates that can be gaffer taped to a wall or other non-magnetic surface for easier placement. It also offers 17 practical effects, including Storm, Police Car, TV, Welding, Candle/Fire, Explosion and Bad Bulb.

A wide range of accessories are available, including: eggcrate, battery handle, waterproof bag, T12 Tube holder and cold shoe mount. It has an on-board controller but can also be controlled remotely via 2.4G wireless control (via optional remote control unit or from an iOS or Android app via a NanLite router). NanLite will also be bringing out a waterproof bag for the 6C, for use under water.

The NanLite Forza 60B weighs 816g, has a TLCI of 95 and is capable of continuous dimming from 0-100%. The unit offers 11 practical effects, including Pulse, Storm and Paparazzi. The bi-colour fixture joins a previous 5600K-only version launched last year.

It is powered through 110-240v AC via D-tap or V-mount (with adapter) or through a Sony L-style NP-F750 battery with the addition of a battery handle. It can be fitted with a softbox (and grid), or Fresnel lens and can be controlled via WiFi.