IP-based video technology specialist NewTek has announced new online courses and certification through its NewTek University. 


Newtek: NTU has the class for IP-based production and networking

These are available to resellers and end users and range from operating guides to classes on selling NewTek systems.

The initial courses are: Live Production with NewTek TriCaster; NDI and Performance Media Networking; and (for resellers) Selling NewTek Technology, all of which include both classes and exams. There are also classes in NewTek Product Automation and NewTek 3Play Operation.

The Live Production with TriCaster course gives a complete understanding of how to operate this system, including the macro system, audio routing and virtual sets. Special emphasis will be given to Premium Access, allowing users to operate its most powerful features.

With video over IP networking quickly becoming a core competency required for live production workflows, the NDI and Performance Media Networking course looks at the high-performance requirements that come with building video networks. It deals with network hardware and the type of features needed to build a LAN that can deliver on the required performance.

The NewTek Production Automation course covers the methods of control and automation available to TriCaster systems. It starts with in-depth instruction on the macro system, moving on to how to trigger macros via different mechanisms and training with the LivePanel Builder. Extending the macro system using NDI commands and with External command line tools will also be presented, with ready-to-use workflows delivered as part of the course. It will also examine how to use the HTTP API available in TriCaster and other NewTek products to build web-based applications, with all code provided. A basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is recommended.

The 3Play Operation class covers NewTek’s instant replay/slow motion system. Lessons cover the basics of replay operation and the feature set of the product, including tagging, dual channel replay, creating highlight reels and using the included NDI Telestrator Pro software.

“NewTek University provides our resellers and end user communities with comprehensive training available nowhere else in the market. Certification in using, demonstrating and selling products from the very people who make them is truly valuable,” said David Paige, NewTek’s senior director of Professional Services. “We recognise the unique challenges of the way people are having to work now and our online courses and certifications are designed to ensure users remain at the forefront of our newest technology without having to leave their home.”

All learning materials are available online and on-demand, and NewTek intends to add more courses throughout 2020. It hopes to resume in-person, onsite courses as soon as it is safe to do so.

NewTek University is a fundamental part of the Global Channel Program that was launched in April this year for its resellers. The programme’s three tiers: Plus, Premier and Platinum are gained by resellers achieving levels of education and competency with NewTek University courses and certifications as well a range of other key requirements, as part of the company’s commitment to maintaining a high quality, well-trained reseller network.

Class fees start at $895 and exams at $249. Free sample classes are available, and all courses are available 24/7 online on-demand.

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