The new Element range of LED fixtures from Photon Beard takes “the best elements of image capture lighting components from within the industry” and is combining them into its tried and tested housings. 

Photon Beard-1

In its Element: The new Photon Beard 1x1 LED light panel

The first unit, available for pre-order now, is the Element Tile 140 featuring RoscoLED tape inside a Photon Beard housing with Cotech SupaPanel low light loss LED diffusion to create a new range. “The combination of three great components enables us to offer a fixture that is high quality in terms of manufacturing and light output, as you would expect from Photon Beard, Rosco and Cotech,” said Peter Daffarn, Photon Beard’s MD. 

The 1x1 light panel is encased in a full metal housing for strength and durability, it features 140W of variable white (3000K-600K – 92 TLCI) LEDs, with flicker-free dimming, 90/260v AC 50/60Hz PSU, mains as standard with battery powered options and a four-zone Zigbee remote control.  

It is DMX compatible to allow for control via a lighting desk. All units include a three-year warranty. “We really feel this unit brings the elements together to create a genuinely brilliant product which will become a firm favourite among those who include it in their lighting tool box,” said Daffarn. 

Production is expected to start in June 2020 (Covid-19 permitting), but the Element Tile 140 is available to pre-order now via for an introductory price (using the discount code EOO).