PixFormer is the latest in InSync Technology’s range of API integrated software-based conversion modules and the first to be targeted for SDR and HDR conversion applications.


InSync: PixFormer can run on premise or in any cloud environment

According to InSync, as the demand for HDR content increases, the challenge for producers is to deliver for both SDR and HDR endpoints. If content owners and producers are to fully monetise the millions of hours of existing SDR content, then conversion to HDR is required.

InSync’s PixFormer is said to bring high-quality SDR-to-HDR and HDR-to-HDR conversions to content processing and distribution platforms. Easy to integrate via its open API and flexible to deploy, PixFormer can run on premise or in any cloud environment. The use of CPU-only resources adds to the flexibility and scalability of the software.

“PixFormer builds upon our existing modular approach to providing high-quality image processing wherever it is required in the content supply chain,” said James Shepherd, chief technology officer, InSync Technology. “The software’s range of advanced tools means that producers are always in full control of the content output.”