A new tech partnership that combines Densitron’s IP-based control and display technology with Polecam’s AutoPod+ Elevation unit for cameras holds potential applications for broadcast and production.

Densitron-2 Control+PTZ

Expanding: The new technology partnership can be used for concert and sport streaming

The new long-term technology partnership is initially seeking opportunities in the medical market for an integration of Densitron’s IDS (Intelligent Display System) product with Polecam’s AutoPod+ Elevation unit for cameras and lighting systems. In combination the two systems provide a system for filming, monitoring and displaying critical operations and other procedures.

An established choice for other applications as diverse as live music, motor racing and professional golf broadcast, the AutoPod+ is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit featuring up to three motorised legs suited to the demanding capture requirements of the medical market. In deployment with Densitron’s IDS, it allows systems including PTZ cameras and DMX-controlled lighting, to be precisely positioned, controlled and adjusted. A major showcase project is expected to take place at a UK hospital in the next few months.

Polecam founder/owner Steffan Hewitt, said: “Medical is absolutely a core market for Polecam, and I know from conversations that have already taken place that this sort of combined capture, control and monitoring solution will resonate strongly there. There are many other potential applications - including for the coverage of live music events in smaller venues and capture of sports events for streaming services - and we look forward to exploring those.”