AV and broadcast technology provider Anna Valley has adopted Quicklink’s Studio-in-a-box (ST500) solution to provide professional, high-quality remote contributions for high-profile client events and productions.

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Quicklink: Broadcast technology specialist Anna Valley is using Quicklink’s ST500 for remote studio contributions

From enabling a Sotheby’s auction to run across three different time zones to gathering speakers across Africa for a staff briefing, the Quicklink ST500 – along with the ST100 (studio server) and ST55 (studio browser) – has helped Anna Valley deliver professional live streams and broadcasts during lockdown.

The ST500 is an all-in-on portable unit incorporating a Panasonic PTZ camera, inbuilt lighting, LCD touchscreen and audio interface. The camera, lights and audio can be controlled remotely from any Chrome Browser using the Quicklink Manager Portal to ensure the highest quality, in-frame broadcast content is received.

David Mitchell, technical manager at Anna Valley, remarked: “The Quicklink ST500s have been rock solid for us, with no connection issues and are so easy to setup. They have been despatched all over the world and even users with no experience can power them up in order for us to remotely configure them once online. The video and audio quality surpass the competition and the system allows easy access for us to control all the important parameters needed to get the best from the system.”

Anna Valley has also adopted the ST55 to implement high-quality contributions into productions from any desktop or mobile device from a simple web browser.

Ben Macrow, project manager at Anna Valley, added: “The ST55 solution is a great alternative to the ST500, allowing us to connect to almost anyone, anywhere in the world, even when physical equipment delivery is impossible. Most importantly, the solution allows us to still have some control over the presenter’s video and audio device, and because it is a web-based solution there is no difference to the user experience whether they are using a PC, Mac or mobile device. This enables us to choose the best settings and get the most out of the participant’s device without them having to have any prior knowledge of the system.”

As the ST55 works within a simple web browser, there are no apps or software installs required by the contributor. Contributors can be invited via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a URL link. From the Quicklink Manager, an operator is able to remotely control and configure the contributor’s device camera, microphone and speaker settings.

Macrow concluded: “The ability to send out a broadcast quality, controllable camera and browser solution that is able to be controlled with no external technical assistance on-site is game-changing.”