Italy’s Cinevideo has chosen Riedel solutions to provide crew communications on board its brand-new UHD-12G OB van. 


Riedel: The Artist-1024 is paired with four Bolero antennas and 10 intercom beltpacks

The Riedel installation includes an Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom node supporting a Bolero wireless intercom system.

“Riedel’s Artist and Bolero make a powerful team for advanced intercom capabilities that can stand up to the most rigorous IP-based OB environments, so they were the ideal choice for our new UHD van,” said Roberto Buonomo, technical manager at Cinevideo. “The Artist-1024 matrix gives us maximum flexibility and upgrading capabilities for the future, with a software-defined user interface that can be adapted very easily to different kinds of productions. And Bolero has become a household name in wireless intercom capabilities, with its outstanding flexibility, scalability, reliability and range.”

Cinevideo has paired the Artist-1024 with four Bolero antennas and 10 intercom beltpacks on board the new UHD van for global coverage of high-profile Serie A football events. The system’s AES67 capabilities enable the Cinevideo crew to leverage the full power of IP-based operations.

“We’re happy that Artist and Bolero have exceeded Cinevideo’s expectations, and even though they’re a long-time customer it’s amazing to see them regularly surprised. The ease of integration and reliability of the system offer many rewards to those who take full advantage of all the features,” said Giuseppe Angilello, Riedel sales manager, Italy.