RTL Luxembourg, the main television channel in Luxembourg, has made use of Ateme’s 90-day free software video transcoding licenses to adapt its video operations and channel line-up in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Artières: “Pleased to be able to offer support during this challenging time” 

Already leveraging what Ateme says is its value proposition around bandwidth efficiency and high quality of experience for its OTT service, RTL Luxembourg has had to react quickly to adapt to new social distancing and quarantine rules, as well as changing viewing habits, using Ateme’s Titan Live licenses to do so. Designed especially for these types of challenges, Ateme says its free 90-day offer has enabled RTL Luxembourg to not only adjust its OTT service but also perform full remote monitoring without disruption.

Tom Weber, digital director for RTL Luxembourg, said: “This outbreak is a moment in which broadcasters need to demonstrate resilience, agility, helpfulness and the ability to pivot. ATEME keeps proving it is the right partner to enable us to do this and succeed no matter the situation. We look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship.’’ 

Michel Artières CEO, Ateme, said: “RTL Luxembourg has been a long-standing partner for many years and we are pleased to be able to offer support during this challenging time. It is our mission to continue helping our clients to provide the best possible experience to their viewers and ensure their operations can run smoothly during this critical period.’’