Shure’s latest digital wireless system is billed as straightforward to setup and use, making it appropriate for theatre production, corporate meetings, or house of worship productions.

Shure-1 SLXD_Group_With_Chargers

Shure: SLX-D features guided frequency setup and a group scan feature

Shure claims that its new SLX-D Digital Wireless System is the digital replacement for the established SLX system, complete with new mechanical designs, high audio quality, and more reliable RF performance in today’s increasingly crowded RF environment. The new system provides end users with greater channel count than SLX, smart rechargeable options, and simplified ease-of-use. It is offered in single and dual channel options. Transmitters run on standard AA batteries or an optional Li-ion rechargeable battery with a dual-docking charging station.

According to the company, SLX-D lets users navigate crowded environments with high spectral efficiency and dependable RF. The system enables operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band without worrying about dropouts or signal fades. It also has quality sound with a wide dynamic range. It can handle a variety of inputs while preventing distortion. For ease-of-use, the system is equipped with guided frequency setup and a group scan feature that lets users set up multiple channels more efficiently by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via Ethernet connections. Even for a 30+ channel system, the entire group scan can be completed within a few seconds, claims Shure.