Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) is one of the most significant challenges that remote working production studios are having to overcome during lockdown.


Soundwhale: Audio pros have demanded new ways to edit and work with talent in real time over the internet 

Soundwhale founder and CEO Ameen Abdulla says he has been contacted by nearly 500 studios in recent months regarding remote ADR, as the industry clamours for tools that do a better job than options like makeshift Zoom recording sessions. 

Abdulla said: “Production teams are scattered and in self-isolation all around the world. They can’t get expensive hardware to everyone. They have to get people without any access to, or knowledge of, a digital audio workspace like Pro Tools to collaborate. That’s why we felt some urgency to launch more stand-alone editing options within Soundwhale, specifically designed for tasks like ADR.” 

Soundwhale’s new suite of editing capabilities is perfect for ‘teams working apart but together’, claims Abdulla. The virtual studio lets engineers match sound to picture, and lets actors with no audio experience record their lines, all with minimal latency and no new hardware or additional specialised software required. 

In addition, users can expect more connectivity with the Soundwhale iOS app in 2020. According to the company, this will be ideal for those looking to do remote recording in sync with picture that don’t have access to a Mac computer at home.