New this year from Studio Technologies is the Model 5421 Dante Intercom Engine, which is billed as a high-performance yet cost-effective Dante AoIP party-line intercom for up to 16 users. 

Studio Technologies-2   Model 5421, front

Open mic: An algorithm enhances party-line performance when automix is activated

The ½RU system incorporates an intercom-specific automix algorithm that optimises party-line audio quality and significantly reduces ambient interference from open mics, said the company.

The 5421 requires a single RJ45 Ethernet connection for both data and power with minimal set-up via Studio Technologies’ STController software. Its FPGA-based mix minus matrix creates a party-line system for up to 16 users. The audio engine can be divided into one of five group configurations, ranging from a single 16-user group to four groups of four users. The beltpack’s bidirectional (4-wire) Dante audio paths are easily configured by routing transmit (output) and receive (input) pairs to the Model 5421 using the Dante Controller software application.

The Model 5421 is compatible with all Dante-compatible intercom beltpacks, including the single-talk/dual listen Model 372A and Model 373A from Studio Technologies. It can also be integrated into applications that utilise other audio devices including mixing consoles, user stations, and matrix intercom systems.

Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies, said: “The Model 5421 is ideal for small- and mid-tier performance and production scenarios where users value high-quality audio along with straightforward set and forget convenience.”

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