Swit has introduced two new ranges of rain-proof LED lights.


Swit: The slimline PL-E90P 90W LED panel is IP54 rated

The PL-E60P and PL-E90P are the latest in its PL-E series Panel LED lights, but with added IP54 rain protection; while the SL-100P and SL-150P are its second generation of LED light mats.

The revised design of the 60W 1x1 PL-E60D and 90W 2x1 PL-E90D allow them to work in the rain without any protection, especially when used with Swit’s IP54 rainproof V-mount batteries (PB-R160S+ and PB-R290S+). The lights accept a wide input voltage (11-36v) via V-mount or Gold mount battery or 4-pin XLR.

The panels use edge-mounted surface mounted device LEDs and are just 21mm thick. Usually, edge-mounted LEDs are not particularly bright, as half of the light can go to the rear, even if there’s a reflection board. However, Swit has added laser dots with calculated spaces on the reflection glass, so that the multi angles of edge light converge on the dots, and output 90° to the front with minimum light loss. As a result, the 320-LED PL-E60P outputs 1500lux at 1m, while the 480-diode PL-E90P delivers 2200lux at 1m. They produce a soft light and have a TLCI rating of 99.

The panels also offer 0-100% flicker-free dimming, a 70° effective wide beam angle, and continuously adjustable output colour temperature (2700K to 6500K). Both can be fitted with barn doors and 40° honeycomb accessories, and a portable three-light kit (with tripods) is available.

A rear LCD screen can display the current dimmer percentage, colour temperature value, DMX channel (DMX512) and CH channel, and remaining battery indications. The lights can control each other without a DMX controller, and up to 512 CH addresses can be set, with any CH 001 light controlling all the other CH 001 lights (and so on).

The Swit SL-100P and SL-150P flexible bi-colour LED lights are the follow on to its S-2610/2620/2630 models, with full adjustment from 2700K to 6500K and a more robust, durable rain-proof (IP54) construction, which can cope with being rolled up many more times. They also run cooler. They have a TLCI of 98 and can be fitted with a soft box with egg crate. The SL-100P can deliver 3500lux at 1m.

The ballast, which is also IP54 rated, can take a V-mount battery or be powered via a 4-pin XLR DC (11-36v) input, and has DMX control.