Marshall Electronics has partnered with pan/tilt head specialist BR Remote to design and build a new micro pan-tilt head, the CV-PT-Head, for Marshall’s miniature cameras.


Marshall: The new CV-PT-Head fitted with CV506 camera

The body of the CV-PT-Head is less than 9cm tall and 5.5cm wide, creating one of the smallest P/T footprints available. It is compatible with all Marshall 500 series cameras, and has an IP65 weatherproof rating, which means it is dust-tight and protected against water under pressure from any angle. When paired with Marshall’s weatherproof CV503-WP camera, the CV-PT-Head creates a movable camera position that can be left out in wet and compromised environments.

A built-in camera power supply delivers a constant 12v to the camera socket as well as camera control data. The input voltage ranges from 12v to 35v, allowing operators to run up to about 900m with a common 4-pin XLR cable. Unusually for a small head, the input socket for power and control data is on the fixed base. This allows greater freedom of movement, with the camera socket on the moving part with the camera. Slipping clutches are fitted to both axes to protect the motors and gearboxes. These clutches also prevent damage while rigging or during operation.

The CV-PT-Head has a 1/4-20 mount for use with any standard tripod, clamp or grip equipment and can be positioned for upright or inverted installation. It can pan through 350° and tilt through 360°. It weighs 250g and can carry a payload of up to 400g, with a camera 20-60mm wide. A camera plate suited for Marshall CV500-series cameras is included and there is also a drop spacer to lower the camera plate for taller cameras. The head costs €1198/£1125/$1349.

“As cameras become smaller, it became evident that we needed a smaller head,” said David Bradley, development director, BR Remote. “We are still using our bespoke engineering and the same ingenuity designed into our larger P/T heads, just in a smaller version. The main benefits of using Marshall are its high-quality image and design, and its low light capabilities. This new system controls all parameters without requiring a secondary controller and runs on IP or fibre so it can be integrated into most existing infrastructures.”

To control the package, users can choose the CV-Micro-JYSTK controller, which costs €289/£259/$310, with thumb joystick control over pan, tilt, zoom and focus. It is one of the smallest, most cost-efficient joysticks available and allows 64 pre-set positions on the head to be stored and recalled, as well as acting as the camera’s CCU. Moves to pre-set positions can be triggered from the controller or externally with a GPIO unit or remote data input to the control network. Users can also interrogate the head for its current position.

It can be used to control any BR remote heads and various cameras and can address any head ID from 1 ~ 8 and reassign the ID of each PT Head.

“BR Remote makes very high-tech remote heads for film and television, and this collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to create a unique miniature camera pan/tilt head solution,” added Tod Musgrave, Marshall’s director of cameras. “The team at BR Remote were very easy to work with and we are really impressed with the finished product and how it interacts with our miniature cameras. The CV-PT-Head camera system can fit in the palm of your hand, and when used with the CV-Micro-JYSTK passes power and control to the camera using the Lemo to Hirose cable included in box.”

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