Elecard launches online workshops designed to share the knowledge of its video experts.


Elecard: Running online workshops throughout April

Video technology specialist Elecard is offering the opportunity to take a deep delve into the topics of compressed video analysis and quality assessment by participating in an online workshop.

Throughout April the company is running workshops designed to share the knowledge of its video experts in a practical and interactive setting. The preliminary list of use cases to be addressed includes: revealing details of encoded files, ensuring accurate parameters have been encoded, and evaluating video codecs from various vendors; dealing with stuttering during ad breaks in regional broadcasts; and problems with OTT channels such as signal loss, video freeze and other issues experienced by subscribers.

In addition to workshops focusing on core issues, Elecard will also make real-world use cases available for review; interested parties are invited to register (for free) to request more details.

Case study and project examples highlighted by Elecard include coverage of subjects including: monitoring TV channels’ integrity at the head-end station; identification of malfunctioning product in OTT environments; and troubleshooting TV services.

With regard to QC, the company says that once it is aware of specific end-user needs, “our brightest minds […] will come together to advise on a solution that may eventually make a difference in the way you control the quality of your broadcast today.”

For more information, and to schedule a workshop, click here.