Vocas has introduced a camera cage, along with other accessories for the new Red Komodo camera, including a PL to Canon R-mount adapter with support.


Vocas: The new cage kit for the Red Komodo with Top Handgrip Mini

The cage is made up of two top or bottom brackets that fit directly to the two Vocas side brackets. Each top/bottom bracket can be mounted pointing to the front or rear of the camera and offers many Arri style 3/8in and 1/4in style threaded holes for fixing further accessories.

The side cage brackets can be mounted to the left and right side of the camera, using the two M4 attachment points the camera provides.

Users can also fit a Top Handgrip Mini, a comfortable handgrip with integrated 15mm hole for attaching 15mm accessories like microphone holders, viewfinder brackets or cold shoes. This can also be fitted to the camera without using the cage, when it needs one of the top/bottom brackets, plus the side cage kit. The full cage kit costs €359, while the top/bottom bracket costs €115, the top handgrip kit costs €235 (including a top/bottom bracket) and the side cage kit costs €149.

There is also a compact top handgrip kit (which also requires the side cage kit) that consists of a Vocas Mini Tophandle (€245) for 15mm, two Vocas 3/8in to 15mm dogbone brackets and one 170mm-long aluminium 15mm rail.

For using the camera on your shoulder, there is the Vocas USBP-15 MkII for Red Komodo, a 15mm universal shoulder base plate, which is a height adjustable shoulder baseplate with a unique quick release balancing system, part of the Vocas Sliding system. It has two attachment points to the underside of the camera, providing extra stability between the camera and the adapter plate. Both sides of the plate have standard rosettes to mount handgrips or other rosette accessories, while the bottom of the plate has magnets for mounting various shoulder pads in multiple positions (it comes with a standard shoulder pad, but a softer version is available). It costs €695.

The new Vocas Canon R-mount to PL adapter kit for the Komodo (€499), includes a support clamp, but also requires a side cage kit or full cage kit. However, it doesn’t need support rods, which would mean having to have a baseplate, so it can be more compact.