Wooden Camera has joined in the rush to support the new Red Komodo camera with a selection of kits and accessories including handles and battery mounts.

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Wooden Camera: A selection of new Wooden Camera accessories on a Red Komodo

The $798 Base Kit includes: An LW 15mm Baseplate for the Red Komodo, plus a Top Handle Kit.

Its $998 Advanced Kit replaces the Top Handle from the Base Kit with a Complete Top Mount Kit, which includes the handle, plus 15mm rods.

There are also two versions of the $1,397 Pro Kit – which add a choice of V-Mount or Gold Mount battery modules to the Advanced Kit.

The Battery Slide Pro modules power the camera using a right angle Lemo compatible connector, and can tilt and slide as needed. There are three D-Taps to provide battery voltage for accessories and power is monitored for over-current. If more than 5.8A are used by accessories, a digital fuse trips and a red LED illuminates but the camera will remain powered. A reset button restarts accessory power.

DC Input on camera-right side can be used for hot-swapping between a block battery and on-board battery. Users can also hot-swap between the V-Mount or Gold Mount battery and a BP-955 battery by adding a Battery Slide Extension for Canon BP-955, which moves the battery plate further back from the camera body.

Users can also fit a Canon RF to PL Mount Pro ($499), which adapts PL lenses to Canon RF mounts including the Komodo. Flange focus is set to match camera prior to shipping but shims are included should further adjustment be desired. Tabs on the PL collar allow for easy lock and unlock and 1/4-20 fitting on the mount base allows for lens support to be added, such as that on the LW 15mm Baseplate.

Also available is a neat Monitor Hinge ($85) that can attach into an Arca slot (as found on the kits) and provides a direct 1/4-20 mount for SmallHD monitors. An included rubber pad can be added for attaching third-party monitors. A 15mm mounting spud is included and allows the monitor arm to be quick-released and attached onto the Top Handle.