wTVision’s Studio CG, which manages and controls on-air graphics and video, is now able to integrate with Flowics’ platform for interactive content production.

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wTVision: Flowics and wTVision’s Studio CG are now social partners

Together they will be able to curate social media content and display it during any live show, in real time. “This partnership is part of wTVision’s growth strategy since we are aware of customer’s needs and constantly evolving our products and solutions in a more complete and interactive workflow,” said Paulo Ferreira, wTVision’s global sales director.

This integration will mean producers can create multiple interactive experiences, such as conversations, polls, voting, quizzes and competitions, while in the same platform, operators can follow these interactive experiences, set up rules to filter through these conversations, choose the most relevant content and display it through live graphics.

As a cloud-based platform, the system can be entirely operated via web browser and it allows monitoring of content on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch and WhatsApp. “We anticipate that broadcasters who leverage this technology will discover more effective methods of captivating their audiences and this will be reflected in their engagement metrics and viewership time,” predicted Gabriel Baños, Flowics’s CEO and founder.

Flowics integration with wTVision’s Studio CG is done through API connections that transfer the filtered data from social media networks, and an HTML plug-in that transforms the data gathered in impactful broadcast graphics.

wTVision has also had considerable success recently with graphics applications for sports productions. It has implemented new on-air graphics for Eleven Sports Portugal, adapting them for the networks’ new look and feel, and developed an augmented reality set up for Champions League coverage, using Studio CG controlling all on-air graphics and video in a combination with R³ Space Engine, wTVision’s real-time 3D render engine.

It also now manages all real-time graphics and data for the main football league in Belgium, including augmented reality, combining its FootballStats CG and R³ Space Engine, while data has been integrated in partnership with Stats Perform.

Together with MediaPro Canada, wTVision has developed a virtual football stadium for live broadcasts of the Canadian Premier League, as all 36 matches are being held behind closed doors. The AR stadium, under Studio CG control, is using FootballStats CG (for real-time graphics and data) with R³ Space Engine, as well as its AR³ Football, which not only provides standard AR graphics (offside lines or distance to goal) but can also generate virtual crowds and tied-to-the-field graphics.