Facilis Technology has updated its FastTracker asset management tool and unveiled a new product offering that can incorporate light MAM with cloud cache for any facility.

Facilis FastTracker 3.7 introduces a host of new features designed to help creative people better manage their video, audio and still image assets. This includes local transcription (no upload required) with searchable script; scheduled data movement, with indexing of files in destination; and web browser interface for remote access through HTTP/HTTPS if configured.

Other highlights include Adobe Panel Metadata Import with transcription, markers and attached proxies; remote ingest through upload to preset server locations; custom codec settings for proxy generation; and source player for previewing sources without proxy prior to importing.


FastTracker Edge is a cloud caching server that incorporates FastTracker Asset Management with unlimited seats and a 16TB cache volume

Also new is FastTracker Edge, a cloud caching server that incorporates FastTracker Asset Management with unlimited seats, and a 16TB cache volume that can be shared to facility clients through the Facilis Shared File System.

With a licence for 10TB of cloud storage included, this server can manage facility assets, hold proxies and make everything available on cloud storage for remote access. If configured properly, FastTracker database is available securely for any internet user to log on and browse content, download files and even upload to secure server locations for remote ingest.

FastTracker Edge is also available with Facilis Edge Sync, a multi-site collaboration product that synchronises remote desktops to the FastTracker Edge server for seamless workflow. Customers can use their own cloud account, or purchase cloud storage for a yearly fee from Facilis.

“We’ve learned a lot about our customer’s requirements for remote access and asset management over the past year,” said Jim McKenna, chief marketing officer at Facilis Technology. “We’ve been shipping our Object Cloud product since 2019, so we were able to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and provide enhanced remote editorial options with Object Cloud, FastTracker, Edge Sync and now FastTracker Edge.”