Five steps to take the challenge of expanded networks

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Over the last couple years, professional Audio-over-IP-(AoIP) distribution has established itself in the broadcast-universe and keeps evolving constantly. Certain requirements when covering daily program distribution or even live events, are increasing - the five essentials: Compatibility, high audio quality, flexibility, transmission robustness and simplicity.

Broadcasters need solutions that support studio-to-studio, studio-to-transmitter links and cross-media tasks. The latter also means considerations for content delivery and storage are concerning both radio and television.

Facing the situation with a bird’s eye view, this means beside a main network a system includes some variable parts activated depending on the situation. – e.g. to cover events followed by a big audience, like FIFA World Cup, the Eurovision Song Contest or regional concerts.

The enhanced wish list: Eying the whole process chain, a broadcast system implying main and variable parts should be based on a well thought out technical concept comprising: stadium side-lines, vocal booth, reporter cabins, OB vans, conference rooms, central studios, system headend, media archives, regional studios and transmitter sites.


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