Telecom Armenia, an IPTV/OTT operator running under the Beeline brand, has selected an integrated OTT video-delivery solution for Ateme to enable a relaunch of its TV offering to the Armenian market.

With a legacy system in place, Telecom Armenia identified a need for a scalable and effective video delivery solution as part of a planned service refresh that included a new front and back office. The operator selected Ateme as a single source supplier, enabling the organisation to benefit from a range of OTT technologies, from reception to CDN.


Telecom Armenia opted for an end-to-end solution from reception to CDN

The chosen system also includes Titan for compression, channel origination and reception, and NEA for packaging, VOD, catchup and CDN delivery.

Gevorg Gevorgyan, CTO, Telecom Armenia, said: “We look forward to powering our OTT platform with a solution that brings better operational efficiency, flexibility of converged IPTV/OTT and the ability to support new formats and functionalities in the future. Our partnership with Ateme also enables optimum video quality, agility and bandwidth savings while ensuring low latency, giving us the opportunity to deliver high-quality HD and UHD (4K) TV content to the end customer with minimal delays.”

Boris Yurin, sales director, CIS, Ateme, said: “As the TV industry evolves and the line between paid-for TV and OTT becomes increasingly blurred, creating a high-quality user experience is a key driver behind business decisions. Telecom Armenia is developing a winning strategy to attract and retain the most valuable viewers and we are delighted to accompany them on this journey.”