Asian American television network Crossings TV has selected Etere to support the expansion of its playout network and transition to the cloud. The deployment will be based on the software-defined Etere Ecosystem platform.

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Crossings TV provides in-language news, information and entertainment programming for seven Asian-language groups in seven metropolitan areas across the United States. Etere provides the TV network with the flexibility to move to cloud playout and add additional streams as needed.


Crossings TV can access Etere Web for all core functionalities of the system

The project includes the implementation of Etere Automation which provides Crossings TV with database-independent playout automation capabilities with the option to manage multiple levels of fault tolerance including Backup Mode, Master/Clone Mode and Disaster Recovery Mode, for a fault-resilient operation. 

As a multichannel network, Crossings TV will be equipped with Etere Ad Insertion for management of its advertising insertions. Etere is designed to manage dynamic and targeted ad insertion requirements in any fast-moving environment. Running on either automatic or manual mode, it is able to handle real-time insertion of video clips, logos, CG graphics, graphics overlays and scrolling text in stored content and live content for an unlimited number of channels.

Crossings TV is also equipped with Etere Airsales for integrated management of all traffic, accounting and sales management-related operations. Etere Airsales manages the full spectrum of advertising sales activities including pre- and post-sales activities, sales campaigns, customer relationship proposals, commercial planning, invoicing, account executive and agencies commissions.

Users can access Etere Web for all core functionalities of the system, allowing them to drive their workflows from wherever they are, even while on the move. The mobile-optimised platform is ready to be used with smart devices including tablets, laptops and mobile phones. 

Etere SNMP Console also provides Crossings TV with easy monitoring and management of all processes, infrastructure performance and devices from a single dashboard. In addition, it is able to receive SNMP messages sent by other non-Etere applications or devices such as network switches, routers and firewalls. The software tool detects missing heartbeats and sends both a visual-alarm and a real-time email notification to the operations department.