EditShare has released its Q3 technology update with improvements to the way customers access, monitor and configure Flow and EFS.

Moving away from ‘thick-client’ applications towards portable, rich web-based user experiences, EditShare solutions feature ELK analytics monitoring and reporting, HPE-optimised Flow production nodes that accommodate productions of all sizes as well as set the stage for larger multi-location and enterprise workflows with enhanced EFS media synchronisation, and Flow Services Scaling.

Operating in a similar way to a CDN, the optimised EFS multi-location data transfer capabilities leverage open software solutions to provide transparency over asset movement, enabling users to prioritise transfers across multiple locations with easy to define business rules.


ELK analytics lets customers visualise data to maintain the health of their Flow installations

Paving the way for scalable, resilient enterprise workflows, Flow Scan Scaling Service enables distributed processing in parallel, letting users run multiple scan instances across storage tiers.

Optimised for HPE, new Flow Production Nodes now come in Light, Standard and XL, supporting small to enterprise workflows, enabling customers to right-size configurations for their productions.

Open-source ELK analytics lets customers visualise important data to proactively maintain the health of their Flow and EFS installations as well as ensure that all systems are running at optimal performance.

In addition, EditShare Connect is now available for Linux, expanding cloud workflows and enabling every EditShare customer to have a first-class user experience. Finally, Flow UI and EFS Control offer users an enhanced navigation and seamless graphical experience with new iconography and ‘dark-mode’ colour scheme.

“EditShare solutions aim to deliver a rich web-based experience that enables customers to create amazing together, anywhere,” commented Sunil Mudholkar, vice president of product management, EditShare. “This release is another leap forward. We have built a multi-location foundation on a scalable, resilient architecture that offers customers new ways to collaborate. It provides an unparalleled web-based remote production workflow experience for productions of all sizes. We are excited to bring these capabilities to our customers and support their ability to work where they want and with their tools of choice.”