Estonian multiservice provider Elisa has gone live with its next-generation super-aggregated Elisa Elamus service. The new hybrid multiscreen offering, based on Android TV OS Operator Tier, is available via DVB-C (cable), DVB-T (terrestrial), IPTV and on all OTT platforms.

Elisa Elamus features Google Play Movies and TV, Amazon Prime Video, Viaplay and YouTube among a total of 150+ channels. The service is enabled by 3SS’ 3Ready Product Framework, Technicolor Pearl STB with Tech4home’s Notus custom cover remote control, and content and revenue protection from Nagra cardless CAS.

For this major project, 3SS delivered a unified experience on all apps supporting a wide range of devices with Pearl STB at the nexus. Further apps enable viewing on web, Android TV sets, as well as Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. 3SS-engineered apps for Samsung Tizen and LG webOS smart TVs will launch soon.

Thanks to the 3Ready Control Center, this wide array of Elisa Elamus apps can be managed in a unified way, including content curation, all from a single location. Meanwhile, subscribers benefit from a 3Ready-powered UX (user experience) harmonised across all their devices.


Elisa Elamus is a super-aggregated offering providing access to more than 150 channels

“We are hugely excited to launch Elisa Elamus,” said Andrus Hiiepuu, head of Elisa Estonia’s private customer unit. “With the partnership of 3SS, Technicolor, Hagra, t4h and 3SS, we are delivering truly world-class video entertainment to Estonia’s consumers.”

 Elisa appointed 3SS as prime integrator for the project in 2019. The two co-defined, co-designed and co-developed the UX, which features a fully branded, intuitive and feature-rich UI with the Custom Launcher as the centre of the overall experience.

Elisa selected the Technicolor Pearl STB platform, which provides 4K Ultra HD 2160p/60 and High Dynamic Range OTT services in a small and customisable design. It embeds Technicolor TV Data Analytics agent, providing Elisa with a detailed view of the operational STB performance covering the hardware, software and apps usage aspects.

“To meet demand for the latest entertainment and content services, cable, telco and other pay-TV operators around the world continue to rapidly deploy Android TV STBs. Pearl STB supports the seamless delivery of video, music streaming services, online gaming applications, combined with live broadcasting services,” said Mounir Toutah, video product director for Technicolor Connected Home.

“With operators around the world now offering a broad range of content-based services from set-top boxes, the requirement for premium security is paramount,” commented Thierry Legrand, SVP sales for Nagra. “We congratulate Elisa on the launch of this innovative service and are proud to be providing them with Nagra Protect, our latest-generation cardless CAS solution.”

“Through our experience of over 30 Android TV Operator Tier projects, we understand the importance of excellence in a complete end-to-end user experience,” said Graça Candido, commercial director at t4h. “We’re delighted to be a part of Elisa Elamus’ collaborative hybrid next-gen TV solution, and look forward to helping raise the bar when it comes to digital entertainment UX.”

Elisa Elamus includes the functions today’s customers are looking for in an entertainment service. Alongside other 3Ready Framework-powered features, the UX provides easy access to all live TV, catchup and recordings via mini EPG and backwards EPG.

It also includes several new service innovations. With the upsell function, subscribers can browse an array of VOD content to purchase or subscribe to. Service bundles, a la carte channels, thematic packages and promotions can be displayed for the user to buy within the UI.

Subscribers can populate a favourites watchlist with selected movies and series, and via tailored UI displays, they can also browse, bookmark and add video assets based on actor or director. YouTube recommendations and Google Play Movies and TV are integrated within the UI to provide all the latest content from one place.

Thanks to 3Ready Control Center, Elisa can efficiently A/B test, adapt and improve the product based on feedback. It can evaluate audience reaction to mobile vs STB vs Smart TV apps individually or even by customer segment.

“Elisa is pushing the boundaries of innovation and demonstrating its dedication to subscriber satisfaction, in delivering all the ground-breaking features in Elisa Elamus,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director of 3SS. “We congratulate Elisa for the remarkable achievement in bringing this ambitious project to life and providing world-class entertainment to Estonia’s consumers.”