KVM manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) has introduced a new high-end extender product series, VisionXS.

VisionXS systems are described as high-performance KVM extenders with a bandwidth of 10G and video transmission for resolutions up to 4K.

Previous devices from the manufacturer support a data transfer rate of 1Gbit/s per line. Thanks to G&D’s self-developed compression method, full 4K video over 1Gbit could already be transmitted. However, with a bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s, VisionXS opens up new possibilities. Especially fast videos and frequently changing image content now require significantly less compression thus improving the user experience. Initially, the German manufacturer will provide extender modules for KVM-over-IP, followed by solutions for classic KVM systems for direct transmission.


VisionXS extenders have a bandwidth of 10G and video transmission for resolutions up to 4K

VisionXS extenders can also be combined with G&D’s matrix systems. For customers, this means added flexibility as VisionXS products can either be operated in pairs as an extender line or they can be integrated into matrix installations. Like any other G&D product, the devices are also fully compatible with existing models.

Initially, a high-end system for DisplayPort UHR with a transmission bandwidth of 10G will be launched, followed by devices for HDMI and DVI-I. For the VisionXS series, the manufacturer also relies on its lossless compression High Dynamic Image Processing, which enables authentic video experiences. In addition, dual head modules allow the transmission of two video signals via one transmission cable, saving 50% of cabling or KVM modules.

The new VisionXS-IP-DP-UHR system is compatible with the central ControlCenter-IP appliance. This means that each connected workstation can be granted access to any computer connected to the KVM system. While the layer 3 network infrastructure takes over the transport of KVM-over-IP using network switches, the ControlCenter-IP contributes the logic.

Secure and reliable operation is ensured by AES-128 encryption and the regular exchange of security keys.

Finally, the console modules of the VisionXS series are significantly smaller and thus require less space. In addition, the manufacturer now provides new mounting options that require fewer screws and a click mechanism that simplifies installation.