Amagi has provided the platform for Gannett’s relaunch of its OTT properties USA Today News and USA Today SportsWire.

Since launching OTT channels in 2018, Gannett has expanded to more than a dozen free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) platforms including Xumo, The Roku Channel, Amazon News, Tubi, Samsung TV Plus and more.


Gannett boasts over 25 million monthly views

The expansion has provided substantial growth in audience and engagement reaching over 25 million monthly views and over 200% increase in average view duration across all platforms in the last year.

“We’re very excited to relaunch the USA Today News and SportsWire OTT channels with a fresh take on news, information and sports programming,” said Caroline Harris, vice president of digital distribution at Gannett. “We’re taking USA Today Network’s trusted and approachable reporting and storytelling, combined with its deep connections with local communities and renowned personalities, and bringing it all to audiences in the US and around the world with the support of our partners at Amagi.”

“Amagi thrives on making high-quality content accessible to multi-screen audiences around the world,” said Amagi co-founder KA Srinivasan. “Our partnership with Gannett is enabling them to tap into a wide network of connected TV households, providing linear TV viewers access to USA Today’s premium sports and news content while enhancing monetisation opportunities.”