Sydney-based Global Advance is creating cost efficiencies and scalability for remote production using Clear-Com technology to produce Australian Professional League (APL) soccer for Australia’s Network 10 and Paramount +.

Dennis Breckenridge, CTO, Global Advance, said: “When we came into this project, we were looking to take the way remote production and outside broadcast was done even further. We endeavoured to drive economies of scale and operational efficiencies, saving our customers significant money, and offering as good if not better levels of coverage than they were used to receiving […] by harnessing 2110 IP connectivity.”


Eclipse supports operations at Global Advance in Sydney

The backbone of the system is Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX-Delta, supporting point-to-point, or one-to-many communications up to 256 ports. LQ Series IP interfaces in the field distribute the comms signals, while the HX-Delta incorporates a Dynamic Eclipse Configuration module to control all comms facilities.

Andrew Parsons, Communications Manager, Global Advance, said: “It allows a single communications person located in a control room to manage up to six APL games in an evening, which is far more efficient than a typical comms management workflow supporting multiple locations.”

“Since we’re utilising a 100% 2110 IP facility and connectivity, we chose to use a Clear-Com intercom system with 2110 in and out of our data centre so we can directly integrate our comms into the architecture and dramatically reduce our equipment and personnel footprint,” added Breckenridge.

Stand Number: 10.D29

Company: Clear-Com