Grass Valley has introduced Playout Xpress, which enables broadcasters and rights holders to quickly originate more content, across more pop-up feeds and social media, without the overhead of complex and lengthy installation projects. GV Playout Xpress was built to be deployable, by the customer, within a day.

Playout Xpress is a simple, onsite, pre-commissioned system that allows the end user to define their specific requirements.

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Playout Xpress supports up to four channels of playout

It supports up to four channels of playout and is said to provide customers with a resilient automation system that can cope with the complex demands of playout at a competitive entry point.

Karl Mehring, senior commercial director, playout for Grass Valley, commented: “In today’s dynamically shifting media market, customers need to engage with global audiences that can no longer be reached through one or two platforms. Playout is crucial to enabling customers to spin services up and down quickly in the most cost-efficient way possible. Our portfolio of playout solutions is designed to support everything from high density, enterprise-level applications to cloud-native systems that meet the needs of temporary pop-up channels, and we are excited to launch Playout Xpress to further expand our offering.”