Danish cable operator Kabelplus has implemented a remote PHY and video solution from Teleste. The deployment was carried out in co-operation with local system integrator Conscia and provides Kabelplus with an opportunity to expand access throughout the whole of Denmark.

Based on remote PHY technology and a separate auxiliary video core, the solution utilises Teleste’s DAN300 remote PHY node and the Luminato video headend together with the existing Cisco cBR8 CCAP core of Kabelplus. With the Cisco CMTS centrally located in Denmark, the solution enables Gigabit broadband services in DOCSIS 3.1 networks of different sizes around the country. The solution comprises Teleste’s Luminato video headend as an auxiliary video core handling the distribution of video over the distributed access network.


The solution includes Teleste’s DAN300 remote PHY node and Luminato video headend

“We are pleased to see that the interoperable Cisco CCAP core and remote PHY technology from Teleste together with the separate Luminato auxiliary core is able to provide us with a future-proof and tested platform for carrying out gigabit and video services for our subscribers in the coming years”, stated Henrik Lind, CTO, Kabelplus.

“Getting the Teleste remote PHY device working with the Cisco cBR8 was easy in my opinion. The interoperability is great, thanks to the CableLabs standards, and both Teleste and Cisco are eager to help if needed. The guys at Teleste deserve a lot of credit for their level of commitment. They clearly want the customer experience to be as good as possible. They are a pleasure to work with”, said Thomas Bützau, system engineer, Conscia.

“With distributed access deployments gradually growing, it is important to see that the architecture means more than just another devices in field. What the architecture actually provides is a flexible platform for Gigabit broadband and video services to subscribers today and also a solid stepping stone for further technology upgrades towards the cable industry’s 10G vision. Working with Kabelplus and Conscia has given us an exciting opportunity to be part of building a high-performance cable network and a networked society, where both data and video delivery are handled in an innovative, future-proof way”, explained Hanno Narjus, head of Teleste’s Networks business.