The official television channel of the National Assembly of the State of Kuwait, Al-Majlis, has refreshed its system and upgraded to Etere 31.3 and Etere ETX.

Central to the design of the upgrade is Etere ETX with Etere Master Control. ETX is a software-based channel-in-a-box with full NDI, SDI and IP playout capabilities. The turnkey solution provides professional video technology with support for all major essences and wrappers in the industry. In addition, it is able to deliver 4K/HD/SD digital video, audio and graphics without the need for middleware or proprietary hardware. Etere ETX can be integrated with Etere Master Control to enable a multi-functioning software solution that works with any standard Windows PC.


Al-Majlis is the official TV channel of the National Assembly of the State of Kuwait

The latest upgrade also includes Etere Automation Clone and Backup, a playout automation system which provides Al-Majlis with real-time device control and media asset management in a single platform. Etere Automation database-independent capabilities enable different levels of fault tolerance, allowing it to run on Backup Mode, Master/Clone Mode and Disaster Recovery Mode.

For the ingestion of media files, Al-Majlis relies on Etere Ingest to manage both automated and manual ingestion and quality checks. Etere is able to capture SD/HD media in real-time from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream.

Al-Majlis also implemented the upgraded Etere Executive Scheduling for its strategic planning of programming of playlists. This enables the segmentation and preparation of broadcast schedule grids in advance based on planned broadcast as well as the placement of programmes, series, promos and commercials prior to the acquisition of content.

Furthermore, Etere STMan manages the multi-layer and real-time secondary objects associated with scheduled events, including logos, crawls, subtitles and device commands. Operators can leverage the centralised database to integrate data from Etere Executive Scheduling and Media Asset Management from the same interface.

The TV station also utilises Etere Media Management to streamline the process of ingest, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. Its integration with Etere Automation enables easy integration with several production systems and it optimises performance with its fault-tolerant and load balanced architecture.

Etere T-Workflow provides the operational flexibility, control and visibility that Al-Majlis needed in its operations. A workflow is composed of multiple steps, also known as workflow actions, representing sequentially interconnected actions configured to specific criteria. Workflow actions are used for performing some of the most important operations involved in the management of media content and files, such as file quality checks, schedule check, media transfers and media transcoding. With the T-workflow design tool, operators can prepare, modify and personalise broadcasting procedures and rules with a simple graphical tool.