The new Elsie lenses from Leitz are designed for full frame use offering consistency in size and speed to serve a broad range of productions. The 13 lens set ranges from 15mm to 150mm, all at T2.1, and cover a 46.5mm image circle.

They are claimed by Leitz to offer “warmth and resolution” alongside a “noticeable but gradual falloff of resolution and illumination as the image approaches the corners to create a dimensional pop that gently draws the viewer‘s eye toward the centre of the frame.” They are designed to complement the existing Leitz Zooms in both image look and feel.


A Leitz Elsie 25mm lens fitted to a Red camera

They also boast a new bokeh design developed in conjunction with Leica Camera that more closely mimics Leica’s M-System lenses “by creating out-of-focus elements that are painterly while still being recognisable”.

The lenses are available in LPL mount, with Cooke/i and LDS-2 data connections, to fit cinema cameras such as the Arri Alexa LF or Alexa Mini. They can also be fitted with adapters for use with Canon EF and Sony E mounts.

The Elsie lenses will cost about €19,000 each, making them more affordable than the company’s high-end Cine Primes. The first five focal lengths should be released early next year.

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