Telos Alliance has integrated Fraunhofer IIS’s MPEG-H authoring workflow into its Minnetonka AudioTools Server. The toolset is suitable for a wide variety of audio processing fields and brings numerous benefits to terrestrial, IPTV and satellite broadcast, as well as pre- and post-production.

Minnetonka AudioTools Server, a collection of aids for file-based media work, now features Fraunhofer’s MPEG-H NGA (Next-Generation Audio) solution. AudioTools Server is a tool for automating audio processes such as loudness control, data encoding and future-proofing of databases.

Telos Alliance-2

The MPEG-H audio authoring workflow provides automatic generation of Next-Generation Audio

The accompanying UI editor enables easy integration with the customer’s ecosystem to create new custom workflows.

The MPEG-H Audio authoring workflow provides automatic, efficient and fast generation of Next-Generation Audio content as MPF (MPEG-H Production Format) or MPEG-H BWF/ADM files. MPEG-H Audio scenes are easily defined and authored, including a large set of personalisation features from presets to advanced interactivity settings.

Additional tools help with the pre-production process by automatically generating immersive upmixes by conforming the loudness levels to the required standards or automatically de-embedding and re-embedding various flavours of media assets, including QT MOV, MXF and WAV.