Mo-Sys has introduced VP Pro 4.27 with a raft of new features that will support Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.27. During the preview period of Unreal Engine 4.27, Mo-Sys has used the new update to complete a full multi-camera shoot with Amazon. The update was also put through a comprehensive, multi-camera technical rehearsal for a major Netflix production.

The VP Pro 4.27 upgrade brings four new key features: an improved compositor, NearTime rendering, an online lens distortion library and remote control capability.


An improved compositor and NearTime rendering are just two of the enhancements in 4.27

Michael Geissler, CEO Mo-Sys Engineering, said: “Virtual production is seeing a real surge, but it does bring challenges. Typically, directors and cinematographers must make continuous calculations to make the real and virtual elements match in post-production. This is often a costly and repetitive process. Mo-Sys is a pioneer in providing a platform for graphics rendering as well as camera and lens tracking to create higher quality virtual productions. With VP Pro 4.27 we have made it even easier to produce seamless, high-end productions.”

Mo-Sys has carried out a complete overhaul of its internal compositing system, to change the way compositing is handled across all modes. The latest update of VP Pro now provides improved support for high-end graphics features, such as refraction, and delivers a 15% performance improvement.

Other features include support for reflection and refraction of video in CG objects, improved support for advanced ray-tracing features, support for fur and groom, and advanced controls for CG shadows falling onto video.

The updated VP Pro 4.27 also widens the Beta programme for the new NearTime rendering workflow to give access to more users. NearTime is an automated, cloud-based re-render that increases and homogenises the visual quality, and allows for higher resolutions (UHD, 4K, 8K), without the performance restrictions of real-time. The moment the shot is complete, a high-resolution optimised, cloud-based NearTime render starts.

As part of the 4.27 update, Mo-Sys is also launching its online lens distortion library giving users access to a wide selection of calibration tools and allowing them to tweak their lenses on-set in a cost-effective way.

New for VP Pro 4.27, the VP Remote iPad interface is fully customisable and supports control of multiple engines and camera chains from a single control panel. The Beta version was trialled at the technical rehearsal with Netflix.