Mobile Viewpoint has announced the integration of Starlink as part of its offerings for network connection.

With the launch of new low orbit satellites for global network coverage by the likes of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Amazon’s Kuiper, remote communication is increasingly versatile.

Mobile Viewpoint-8

Starlink can be used with Mobile Viewpoint cellular backpack solutions

For remote live streaming for many broadcasters and live production companies, this will bring major new developments with lower latency and higher resolution live streaming workflows. But where cellular connectivity is just not available, a commoditised satellite service that will likely evolve massively over the coming years, will provide low cost live streaming from any point on the planet.

Mobile Viewpoint is the first company to successfully test Starlink allowing its mobile video units to take advantage of this new technology. It is possible to combine both the cellular network with services from Starlink or use it in isolation.

Starlink can be used with Mobile Viewpoint cellular backpack solutions. This can be part of a fully resilient network strategy to create a bonded network consisting not only of existing 3G/4G/5G cellular networks, and WiFi connections but with the addition of new satellite connections such as Starlink, this will enable even more possibilities. It will facilitate high quality live streaming for news, sports and other live streaming applications such as encrypted surveillance from places that before were impossible to obtain connectivity.