TSL has introduced new products for audio (the MPA1-Mix-Net-V-R and AMU1-12G-SDI concept) and control (the GPT-V1 virtual control node). 

The MPA1-Mix-Net-V-R is a fully redundant 1U audio confidence monitor and mixer with 16 instantly recallable independent mixes with 2022-7 redundancy that eases the transition to IP. “It is aimed at operator positions. It’s very easy to use,” and can also monitor both sides of the redundant path, said Daniel Hanko, Assistant Audio Product Manager, TSL. Two 1G AoIP connections provide 64 input channels, with a further 64 available via an optional MADI SFP. It supports in-band NMOS for integration with TSL control and other third-party systems.  

Move to IP in the mix

Hanko and Godfrey with the AMU1 and MPA1 audio devices 

It is aiming to provide a bridge to IP “with familiar workflows and monitoring tools, but which will also be completely at home in an all-IP world,” said Ian Godfrey, President, TSL.  

Th company is showing the AMU1-12G-SDI concept for monitoring 12G-SDI UHD signals to get feedback to see if there is a market for 12G-SDI. It is a new approach for TSL, a mid-range product with high-end capabilities and a simple interface. 

For control, GPT-V1 can run on the cloud, virtually on prem or as hardware, as part of its move to more software virtualisation. It has been integrated with Grass Valley’s Orbit (as GVO Tally) and can also control processing in a GV AMPP environment, bridging between what is on prem and in the cloud. 

Stand Number: 10.B41 

Company: TSL Products