Philippines-based service provider Parasat Cable TV is modernising its broadband operations with Harmonic’s CableOS Cloud-Native Core Platform. 

“Harmonic’s CableOS Platform gives us a flexible, cost-efficient and easy-to-deploy option to simplify our DOCSIS network and operations,” said Elpidio M Paras, CEO at Parasat Cable TV.“With Harmonic’s state-of-the-art technology, we can confidently address network traffic spikes and meet the growing customer demand for increased bandwidth, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our subscribers.”


CableOS enables Parasat to address network traffic spikes and meet customer demand

Parasat Cable TV is replacing a legacy and proprietary Huawei Remote MAC-PHY solution with Harmonic’s standards-based solution that includes the CableOS Platform and Reef DAA shelves. 

As a multi-access provider edge solution, the CableOS Platform creates a path for Parasat Cable TV to deploy outdoor DAA nodes alongside the Reef DAA shelves and extend the deployment to fibre to the home using Harmonic’s virtualised PON solution.

“Demand for bandwidth-intensive services in the Asia-Pacific region is fuelling tremendous growth, so operators are in need of the right partners able to provide them with advanced, high-performance and multi-access edge solutions,” said Gil Katz, senior vice president, cable access business operations at Harmonic. “Our CableOS platform provides operators worldwide, and in the Asia-Pacific region, with an agile, software-based solution to transform their networks, adapt to fast-evolving market conditions and deliver the next generation of services.”

Harmonic completed the deployment at Parasat Cable TV in under four weeks.