Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) has installed a comprehensive Intelligent Display System (IDS) from Densitron for its broadcast facilities in Kuala Lumpur.

IDS is a vendor-agnostic control and display layer that integrates with, and controls, all critical media technology infrastructure products such as playout, automation, scheduling, building management and AV systems.

The install at RTM, specified and completed by Malaysia-based system integrator Mahajak Trio Electronics, comprises 135 IDS devices located throughout RTM’s TV and radio studios and control rooms, edit suites and public spaces.

The installation, which includes displays, display drivers, servers, I/O interfaces, table lamps, touchscreens and wall lamps, gives RTM a comprehensive range of visual information and control options for each area in which IDS operates.

Reuben Such, global business development director for IDS, said: “IDS provides RTM with exceptional visibility of what’s happening in all active – and inactive - areas. It not only delivers crucial live information, but it monitors multiple aspects of system health and alerts users to any event that may require attention.”


IDS devices: 135 now located throughout RTM’s facilities

RTM came to Mahajak Trio Electronics with a must-have list for its display and control needs. In addition to 43 IDS large-format displays, IDS touchpanel controls were also required for the primary control rooms. The panels are able to display mic live, on air and indicate if a telephone is connected or ringing.

With the IDS control system, screen design layouts, branding logos and backgrounds can be switched and updated via a web interface. Scrolling and prioritised text messages can be shared with all displays if required, or with specific groups on the system for a pre-determined amount of time.

Each studio that uses IDS takes advantage of reference quality pip tones from the world-standard Greenwich Time Signal.

“The flexibility and detail IDS provides for RTM at its visual fingertips is remarkable,” said Lee Chin Kah, senior project manager at Mahajak.

The system provided to RTM also gives an overview camera display outside each studio, so what’s taking place inside can be observed without disruption. It also offers visibility of all security cameras if necessary. The touchscreens in the control rooms also provide for situational awareness and interaction with each studio as necessary.

“RTM is already making plans to develop and deploy new aspects of the IDS technology to suit its evolving needs,” added Lee. “One of the many benefits of IDS is that it’s so easy to configure it to do precisely what is required, wherever it’s needed.”

Such concluded: “IDS has become an essential workflow tool worldwide. It’s highly satisfying that RTM has already found IDS so beneficial that it’s exploring even more ways to use it.”