LED lighting has become standard across the industry, but there are still a lot of older halogen or discharge-based lights around, and what could be more environmentally friendly than upgrading those rather than replacing them? That is the rationale behind Coemar’s Relite Series of LED retrofit kits, which have recently themselves been upgraded.

The new ReLite LED Kit+ has improved light output compared to standard versions of ReLite HD, thanks to a new external unit holding all the electronics outside the device, allowing it to use higher power than the Relite HD: up to 300W, with light output comparable to 2000W halogen.

Coemar 1 eDaily 2023-07-10

Plus points: Coemar has upgraded its Relite Series of LED retrofit kits

The kit enables old halogen fixtures to become fixed white (tungsten or daylight) LED, VariWhite LED from 2700K to 6500K with an average TLCI of 97, or six-colour LED (RGBCLA). All are adjustable via DMX and with fully digital settings, with different 16-bit dimmer control modes.

The plus (+) version includes new electronics improving the output of the LED, keeping uniform light output in all colour temperatures for the tuneable white models. There’s also improved dimming quality with two new dimmer curves, and a new OLED display for better readability.

Stand Number: 12.C40

Company: Coemar Lighting