Swedish telecoms operator Sappa has deployed Appear’s X and XC platforms to support the delivery of live video for its television and OTT services to subscribers across Sweden.

Sappa is one of Sweden’s largest telecoms operators, providing telephony, broadband, TV and streaming along with digital care services. It delivers TV services to over 400,000 households in Sweden via cable and IPTV.

For live television, Sappa required a technology provider that could deliver the best possible video quality with the lowest latency. With over 50 headend locations across Sweden, Sappa also called for technology solutions that would be both cost-effective and future-proof, to prevent frequent and costly callouts.

Sappa is using Appear’s X platform for encoding, transcoding and scrambling. It is also using the XC Platform for analogue and QAM modulators to guarantee the efficient use of Sappa’s network bandwidth. Appear is also providing Sappa with technology support services.


Appear’s XC platform is supporting Sappa’s live TV delivery.

“Viewers expect nothing less than the best viewing experience, and live television is no exception – content needs to be delivered in real-time and in high quality. We selected Appear not only because it has the best-in-class technology, but because it is a partner that can support our needs today and in the future,” said Hasse Svensson, CEO of Sappaat Sappa.

“With so many headend locations, we needed solutions that we could plug in and would just work – it becomes time consuming and costly to send engineers out when technology doesn’t work the way it should. What’s more, Appear’s solutions are compact, energy efficient and can handle huge amounts of bandwidth, which makes it an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective option for us.”

Thanks to the deployment of Appear’s solutions, Sappa has been able to deliver a better live TV experience to its customers, resulting in fewer calls to customer services.

“Today, operators need to be able to deliver the best possible television experiences to retain their subscribers, which means they need technology they can rely on. Our heritage in delivering live TV, combined with our unrivalled technology, makes us the perfect partner for Sappa,” said Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO at Appear. “It is important our customers have technology that will work to their individual requirements, but will meet all future demands, as market needs, standards and consumer expectations continually change. We’re pleased to be working with Sappa and are committed to being an integral technology partner for many years to come.”