Spin Digital has unveiled an 8K real-time software decoder and media player with support for the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) standard.

VVC, also known as H.266, is the next-generation video coding standard designed to reduce the bitrate beyond HEVC for applications such as 8K broadcasting and streaming. In addition to compression gains, VVC/H.266 includes tools for efficient compression of HDR videos, adaptive streaming, spatial scalability, screen content and 360° video.

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Spin Digital has developed a real-time software video decoder compatible with VVC

Spin Digital has developed a real-time software video decoder compatible with VVC, which has been integrated into a complete media player that supports the full 8K format including higher pixel counts, High Dynamic Range (HDR), wide colour gamut and High Frame Rates (HFR).

The key components of the VVC media player are a highly optimised CPU-based VVC decoder capable of processing 8K videos at 60Hz and 120 z in real-time using latest generation CPUs; and an advanced video render engine for 8K with HDMI 2.1 (GPU) and SDI output interfaces.

In addition, the VVC decoder has been included in Spin Digital SDK for simplifying the development of next-generation video applications with enhanced visual experience at low bitrates.

VVC also supports scalability, a technique for efficiently coding video in multiple layers, each layer representing a different resolution or quality of the same video. 8K services can be deployed with scalability enabled in order to support networks, receivers and display devices with different capabilities.

Spin Digital’s VVC decoder also processes scalable streams in real time and allows users to select the desired layer for display. The new VVC player has been tested with scalable streams that contain 4K (UHD) and 8K spatial layers.

A preview version of the 8K VVC decoder and media player is available now.