A Content Matching technology set to be on show from TAG is claimed to be its most ground-breaking yet.

The company says the process ensures content is delivered in real time to its intended destination without any errors or discrepancies. It helps “identify potential issues and confirms signal integrity leading to increased broadcaster confidence and a high-quality viewer experience”.

4. TAG Content Matching adds confidence to monitoring

TAG’s Content Matching can identify and correlate audio and video uniqueness

Content Matching detects similar content across two different streams to ensure correct and uninterrupted delivery. This is done by creating a unique fingerprint for each video frame and audio envelope, matching them across the entire media distribution path against a user-defined reference point. This approach “dramatically” reduces workflow complexity and eyes-on-glass and enables media companies to deliver quality content with fewer resources and more confidence, claims TAG.

The technology can identify and correlate audio and video uniqueness accurately regardless of the resolution, bitrate, or frame rate, thus enabling a match between any two or more points in the workflow. Even after the content has been processed and manipulated, TAG can still identify the match and confirm that the content is identical, correct and behaves as expected.

Kevin Joyce, Zer0 Friction Officer for TAG Video Systems, said: “The ability to identify, match and correlate content to content anywhere in the workflow empowers users to measure a wide variety of parameters. Potential uses are limited only by the user’s imagination. With a reference point and one or more monitoring points, comparisons are easily made, and issues can be quickly identified.”

Stand Number: 1.C15

Company: TAG Video Systems