Telestream has unveiled a series of enhancements to its IQ family of monitoring products and systems, designed to provide users with increased visibility, reporting and analytics within their VOD networks.

The enhancements enable users to drill down for additional proofs of performance, availability and validation of live and on-demand offerings, providing more granular ways to find and fix faults fast.

Telestream’s IQ VOD monitoring solution provides lightweight analysis focused on speed to determine content accessibility, ABR packaging and quick audio and video checks, with results available in a single consolidated report. Long-term analysis and diagnostics reporting is also available.

The solution is strategically positioned for validating large VOD content libraries, keeping pace with new content as it becomes available - whether that is daily, weekly, or monthly. By taking advantage of the different monitoring methods and scheduling inherent within the Telestream solution, users can harness resources efficiently to make the most of their monitoring investment while limiting the impact on streaming services.


The enhancements are designed to provide users with increased visibility, reporting and analytics

With the VOD monitoring platform, it is a straightforward task to automate the entire process using the open API, reviewing results in a consolidated report that takes no integration effort or additional data processing.

For live applications, the latest enhancements include expanded codec monitoring, including support for HEVC 4:2:2 profile. Enhancements also include additional pre-compression rapid pixel analysis of I-Frames. Should a closer analysis be required, clicking the MOS Level 2 option allows analysis of I, B and P frames without disrupting hundreds of other sources that may be running concurrently. This assures there aren’t issues that will be harder to identify once compressed.

Post-compression, spatial and other compression introduced issues can be analysed and dealt with prior to moving the content on, where jitter, buffer, timing and other factors can continue to be monitored and diagnosed.

The ability to check and validate the integrity of the content through multiple packagers, CDNs and distributors, enables a provider to better see what the customer experience will be and provides peace of mind, protection of revenue and proofs of performance.

“The recent announcement of AT&T’s WarnerMedia and Discovery merger accelerates global plans for direct-to-consumer products. Media giants are creating deep content libraries and establishing their brands across programming categories,” commented Matthew Driscoll, director of product management at Telestream. “The volume of content and complex distribution networks required to reach consumers drives the need for new tools; tools that can assist operators in this massive transition and ensure a high-quality user experience in a wildly competitive landscape. Market and technology shifts like these are the driving force behind this VOD and live monitoring initiative at Telestream.”