Live broadcast rundown and automation software Cuez now boasts a new Automator feature, where live broadcasters can automate graphics, media, lower thirds, PTZ cameras and audio.

Users can automate software and hardware tools such as audio consoles, lighting desks, graphic servers and cameras, including PTZ cameras, to bring greater efficiency to live shows.

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The Cuez platform has been upgraded with new features and more than 30 different integrations

Cameras can be connected with the Cuez Rundown and Automator, where users can switch between cameras, as well as control and automate camera movements on set directly from the rundown.

Cuez grants users control over broadcast content elements in the rundown, ensuring all media plays on time and in the correct order. It also keeps all media and graphics in one centralised location, making it easier for users to keep track of all content.

The automation module means producers can automatically present and timely display content, such as videos, photos, lower-thirds and others, through a simple mouse click.

Tinkerlist says Cuez’s new feature allows producers to automate their production across all stages and aspects of their live shows, saving time and minimising the risk of mistakes.

Stand Number: 7.D08

Company: Tinkerlist.TV